The big three-oh.  Yes, I turned thirty this year.  I told myself to get ready to do something big, scary and special to forever remember what I did during my thirtieth year.  So, while I have been back in the United Kingdom I have taken this time to Learn how to ride a Motorbike among many other activities. Learning to ride a motorbike is only one part of the preparation for a bigger part of my goal I must act before my thirtieth year is over.
After a year of traveling and working when I can, I can conclude that the dream of working and traveling is a hard mix to get right. Don’t get me wrong, being able to earn while traveling makes the journey last longer. I have visited 13 countries in 13 months, learned how to scuba dive and experienced new ways of living. During my travels I have factored in a good amount of ‘down time’ to, commit some work and relax doing, well nothing. At the moment Kim and I are in a AirBnB apartment in Chiang Mai. This is the second time coming to this northern city in Thialand, it is cheap, comfortable and stress free:- Just like a place one can call home. We know some good places to grab a decent cuppa, indulge in tasty food and even catch a block buster movie:- yeah just like home. What…Continue Reading
Every sixty seconds the lights at change from red to green, at this moment over 100 people cross this from all areas in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan. Watch this short time-lapse I compiled while enjoying a Chai Tea Latte in a popular coffee shop with a good vantage point. Also, spotted Wally (a.k.a Woldo)
For those of you wondering, I’m still here and active, and have just been plain lazy and enjoying myself on my travels. My Instagram account is linked to my site and publishes automatically my photo updates that I hope you’re enjoying and not finding too annoying. I am working a new design for my site that displays photos bigger and better.  A few draft posts are in the pipelines but yet to finish the media content completely, due to limited internet bandwidth. Hold tight fans, I really enjoy sharing my stories with you. Posted while on a short boat journey from Boracay to Caticlan
Most people will tell me “the Philippines is a fantastic place for scuba diving” and since I have my open water scuba certifications I have no excuse to test this statement. Moalboal is a 3 hour local bus journey away from Cebu City (a short journey compared to our previous bus trips). The fair is a little over ₱110 per person, and busses run very regularly alternating between A/C and non-A/C. When arriving at Moalboal you’ll have to either walk 3km to the coast (where you actually want to be) or hire a tricycle for around ₱100. Us being the type to not uptake the first person to offer a service in exchange for money, we decided to walk. The evening sky was slowly disappearing with beautiful pink and orange hue’s, and soon it was pitch-black. The walk was OK, everybody who we walked past said “hello” and waved, which is…Continue Reading
The Royal Palace - Cambodia
Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia. As in many places we’ve travelled to, stepping off the bus we were greeted by many tuk-tuk riders asking “where you go” in hopes to get a fare.  Being savvy Kim and I decided to take the short 1.5km walk from the bus terminal to our pre-booked hotel. After dropping our bags exploration and food comes to mind, around the corner from the hotel is The Royal Palace, at the time of visiting the immediate roads around the palace were cordoned off disallowing any motorised vehicles from coming close to the palace, this made for a peaceful walk around the perimeter. We found a couple of coffee shops, banks, restaurants and tuk-tuk riders, along the riverfront. Before anything I needed to get some money from an ATM and get some food.  Sadly my Credit Card did not want to withdraw any money but Kim’s…Continue Reading
I am immensely proud to have visited the country of Vietnam, I never would have seen myself going Vietnam if I was not challenging South East Asia overland. The plan set out is to travel from the north of Vietnam Hanoi, to Singapore using only land transport (mostly to keep costs down from Air Fair). After spending 2 complete months in Vietnam we crossed the border into Cambodia on Wednesday 8th October 2014 – More about Cambodia later. We landed in Hanoi on Friday 8th August flying from New Delhi, India via Bangkok with Thai Airlines – Thai Airlines are very punctual compared to Jet Airways which we flew with to get out to Nepal, read more about that hiccup here. Not knowing what the climate, geography or conditions of what Vietnam would be like, it was a pleasant surprise to be presented with good quality roads, vast fields of…Continue Reading
Busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City was our last stop in Vietnam, we stayed in a Cheerful Home in Siagon that’s listed on AirBnB for 1 week and our hosts made us feel very much at home. Most days we spent walking around the city, eating good food, and gathering last bit’s of souvenirs of Vietnam before we leave. Ho Chi Minh City formally named Siagon is the largest city in Vietnam with a population of over 8 million residents. The roads and streets are filled with motorcycles, cars, and busses. Most of the roads are one way, but it does not stop some determined cheeky motorcyclists using the pavements as an exclusive reverse direction road, beeping at pedestrians to get out-of-the-way – no where is safe from the motorcycle! Things to do We did one night invite our hosts out for a meal at Bahdja and some Jazz at Sax n Art Jazz Club.…Continue Reading
As there are many high rise buildings around a visit to view the city scape in the night could not go a miss.  I decided to go Chill Skybar (Ranked #7 out of 48 Nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City on TripAdvisor). Thinking I would not be allowed to enter with a my traveling t-shirt and shorts, I was not questioned once.  The staff treated us with quality service, like we’re celebrities.  Above this, the drinks are not cheap outside of happy hour, but they are made with good care too.  The atmosphere of the place with its lounge house music and soft lighting makes a comfortable viewing and relaxing experience.  Unfortunately during our visit, it had rained earlier and staff would not allow us out onto the deck to take a view without glass between us. Chill Skybar, AB Tower, 76 Lê Lai, Bến Thành, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam Tel:…Continue Reading
Recommended by our hosts, Pizza 4P’s (ranked #28 out of 1537 restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City on TripAdvisor) is undoubtedly the best independent place I have been for pizza that is cooked in a traditional clay oven. We ordered two pizza’s one pepperoni & salami, and half/half tuna & sweetcorn and Teriyaki Chicken. We sat at the circle bar next to the clay oven and where the pizza’s are prepared. It was great watching the chef’s prepare the pizza’s and placing them into the oven. Our first pizza came Pepperoni & Salami, the dough is light and fluffy, and there is not too much oil that saturates the bread. We devoured it! As soon as the last slice was finished our second pizza arrived, the half/half Tuna & Sweetcorn / Teriyaki Chicken, again a delicious pizza. The balance of flavours is the best I have experienced, only a few…Continue Reading
Bahdja Restaurant
I visited Bahdja Restaurant (Ranked #14 out of 1,537 restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City on TripAdvisor) with some friends, treating all of us to a cuisine non of us have ever experienced, Algerian (North African) Food. It was a little difficult to find as there was no major signage that made it obvious to spot. It’s tucked away under a hotel. The place only has 6 tables to cover, and we where lucky to be seated. The decoration makes for pleasant relaxation while browsing the minimal but concise menu.  Drinks are served with pride, the mint tea is very fragrant, sweet and delicious, a must have. Along with the food, you can order, chicken, lamb or sausage, or if you’re really hungry, all three.  – I was not that hungry sticking to just Lamb. Before the main’s came out, we ordered a basic starter for the table, olives and dips…Continue Reading
Sax n Art Jazz Club
While in Ho Chi Minh City, we invited our hosts out for an evening of cocktails and music at Sax n Art Jazz Club (Ranked #9 out of 48 Nightlife in Ho Chi Min City on TripAdvisor). We arrived just in time to get a table, order some drinks and listen to the live Jazz performances. The layout is interesting with the side-on stage, and cool lighting. I had high expectations to have a breathtaking experience of beautiful, unique, exciting, energising music. I think my expectations where a little to high. I have not had a great deal of live Jazz performances, but I would personally say the music was ‘just played’. The performers did not look or sound like they really grooved together, instead just playing the same songs I assume they play every night. It is a shame when I think highly of live music and really enjoy…Continue Reading
The tunnels of Củ Chi are a network of connecting underground tunnels used during the Vietnam war.  The locals would live under group and defend their land. I booked the tour via TheSinhTourist at the same time as booking onward tickets to Cambodia. The Củ Chi Tunnels cost 109,000VND for half a day with a tour guide and entry. It is really useful having a guide explain to you all the details about the tunnels, traps and history of what happened. I crawled the tunnels, and when I popped out the other side my entire tour group including Kim had disappeared.
Ichiban Sushi (ranked #1 out of 1,537 restaurants in Ho Chi Min City on TripAdvisor) rightfully ranked #1 for its attention to detail. We stat at the bar and ordered form the wide array of delicious looking dishes, Shrimp, and Salmon Nigiri. As we waited for our dishes to arrive, we watched the skilled Sushi chef’s carefully prepare the the many dishes that are printed up on a large LCD screen above. All the food looked really stunning. Our nigiri arrived about 40 minutes from ordering, seemed much less as it was very interesting watching the chefs. I enjoyed every byte, savouring the flavours and enjoyed conversation with my partner. This being my first fresh sushi bar experience, I am very impressed. Even tho we only ordered two dishes, it was very filling and had to ask the waiters to package our left-overs for home. I would love to visit…Continue Reading
Mui Ne is a quiet sandy town with plenty of sun, sand and a beach not really something to rave about. We stayed at WindFlower Boutique Hotel for 2 nights spending most the the time relaxing in the pool and watching the sun set over the South China Sea. We could not be bothered searching for a new restaurant each night to eat, so every night we ate at The Bar. The Bar has good selection of western dishes, all reasonably priced which is nice on our pocket and stomach. Nearby attractions would include Sand Dunes and a dirty stream you can walk up (Fairy Stream) – We skipped the dirty stream and hired a motorbike from our hotel to explore and cost 200,000VND for 24 hours. Jeep tours cost upward of 800,000VND for the day, and looked in poor condition. Having a motorbike for a day would allow us…Continue Reading
We visited Đà Lạt the capital of Lâm Đồng Province in Vietnam. Dalat with an altitude of 1500 it is much cooler than other towns and cities we visited in Vietnam. Its a popular off-track tourist destination that requires a small bus to twist and turn around tight Mountains roads and uneven surfaces. We stayed at Tulip Xanh Dalat Hotel, which the staff are nice but the sleep quality is not so good due to light and noise. The hotel is beside a main road which has traffic day and night. The large thin windows allow street lights to illuminate the room with a constant orange glow, and the noise from struggling motorcycles going up the hill makes for a broken sleep night. Until the hotel get blackout curtains and infest in sound proof windows I would only recommend a short stay here if on a budget, for $9 per…Continue Reading
Lanterns is a Vietnamese restaurant (ranked #2 out of 421 restaurants in Nha Trang on TripAdvisor), it serves a good choice of popular Vietnamese dishes, most impressive choice would be the BBQ. Choosing a choice of meats to be cooked on your very own BBQ at your table makes an interesting experience. The meat is nicely marinated before it is brought to the table. The food is of great quality and the service is friendly and talkative that complements a comfortable atmosphere. Worth the visit. Lanterns, Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, tp. Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, Vietnam Tel: +84 58 2471 674 Website:
The is the beach capital of Vietnam, with a long beach span that makes watching the morning sunrise magical. Many travel goers flock to this beach with its high-rise resorts right along the coast line, most residents are within a short walk from the busy beach. We arrived via Train from Da Nang, the journey was very painless and not as eventful as the Journey from Hanoi to Hue. Upon arriving we took a taxi (as always with Maylin) to our hotel Golden Sea Hotel, unfortunately we was met with friendly staff which turned hostile when they insisted we pay before staying or forfeit out passport (something we have not had to do in the North of Vietnam). We immediately canceled the booking and walked around the corner to check if our backup hotels had vacancies, we choose to stay at Summer Hotel for 1 night (as it was already…Continue Reading