We have now departed on our journeys, starting with a 3 hour train ride from Winsford to London Euston, then a 8 hour International flight with a 5 hour stop-over in New Delhi before another 1 hour flight ending in Kathmandu. See you on the other side…
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A few weeks we arranged some Travel Insurance and I thought I would share our booking experience.  We initially researched into many other insurers, World Nomads, Alpha Insurance, and Insure And Go, all pitching backpackers cover.  We settled with True Traveller in the end after 2 weeks of reading though policy wording documents for most companies. True Traveller Policy Wording Document was simple and easy to understand with minimal back-out clauses that contradict other parts of the policy.   At only 28 pages single column standard line spacing makes it a short read. We dismissed other companies which had very good pitches but difficult policy wording that made us feel uncomfortable in the event we may need to make a claim. As insurance is such an important part to traveling, we did not just book online. We decided to call the customer services and sales team to get a few questions answered and a…Continue Reading
Where ever you are in the world, home is always where the heart is. My mom puts so much love and attention into our home, it makes it an honour to come home and look after the place while they go on a short holiday. Over 10 years of tinkering to get a garden that looks as colourful and delightful as this. We have two dogs, 3 chickens, and a pond full of fish. Not forgetting a whole collection of herbs, fruit and vegetables growing. This year is the first year the Apple tree I planted from a seed is producing fruit, I planted this seed in a tiny pot in the early 90’s. Hope next time I’m home after my travels the garden is still bursting with life, and my little-big Apple tree has more fruit.
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We have had a full series vaccinations recommended by our National Health Service for travel into Asia. Japanese Encephalitis – a type of viral brain infection that are spread through mosquito bites. Rabies – a very serious viral infection that targets the brain and nervous system. Hepatitis A – a type of viral liver infection. Hepatitis B – a type of virus that can infect the liver. Yellow fever – a serious viral infection that’s usually spread by a type of mosquito known as the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Typhoid fever – a bacterial infection that can spread throughout the body, affecting many organs. Diphtheria – a contagious bacterial infection that mainly affects the nose and throat. Less commonly, it can also affect the skin. Polio – a virus that attacks the nervous system and can cause permanent paralysis of muscles. Tetanus – a serious but rare infection caused by bacteria.…Continue Reading
We are intending to travel for an extended and unknown duration and have spent the last month selling and packing our personal possessions in preparation for storage. We sold our Car, and a whole bunch of items on eBay, to build up some useful cash from assets that would otherwise be left gathering dust or rust while we travel.  So far we’ve managed to make nearly £1500. This week we are moving out of our flat, it is an emotional time. We have been here for 2 and 1/2 years and have gotten used to the area and daily routines. Giving up the flat makes our travel intentions real, we’re committed. We have boxes labeled up with memories and more cloths than we thought we actually had or could use, cleverly we use Easi-Vac Vacuum compression bags and PacSafe Archive Boxes to save on space.  All of our stuff will be stored…Continue Reading