Most people will tell me “the Philippines is a fantastic place for scuba diving” and since I have my open water scuba certifications I have no excuse to test this statement. Moalboal is a 3 hour local bus journey away from Cebu City (a short journey compared to our previous bus trips). The fair is a little over ₱110 per person, and busses run very regularly alternating between A/C and non-A/C. When arriving at Moalboal you’ll have to either walk 3km to the coast (where you actually want to be) or hire a tricycle for around ₱100. Us being the type to not uptake the first person to offer a service in exchange for money, we decided to walk. The evening sky was slowly disappearing with beautiful pink and orange hue’s, and soon it was pitch-black. The walk was OK, everybody who we walked past said “hello” and waved, which is…Continue Reading