Every sixty seconds the lights at change from red to green, at this moment over 100 people cross this from all areas in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan. Watch this short time-lapse I compiled while enjoying a Chai Tea Latte in a popular coffee shop with a good vantage point. Also, spotted Wally (a.k.a Woldo)
For those of you wondering, I’m still here and active, and have just been plain lazy and enjoying myself on my travels. My Instagram account is linked to my site and publishes automatically my photo updates that I hope you’re enjoying and not finding too annoying. I am working a new design for my site that displays photos bigger and better.  A few draft posts are in the pipelines but yet to finish the media content completely, due to limited internet bandwidth. Hold tight fans, I really enjoy sharing my stories with you. Posted while on a short boat journey from Boracay to Caticlan