Located down a quiet alley right behind The Summer Hotel is White Lion Hotel (ranked #9 out of 190 b&b/Inns in Nha Trang on TripAdvisor). This little hotel is cheap and very very cheerful, we paid 300,000d per night half the price of a basic room in The Summer Hotel. This hotel does not provide food or breakfast, but there are plenty of places around to get food. The rooms are clean and comfortable with air-conditioning plenty of space.  The wash room has a glass separated shower area, the showers have great pressure (I love high pressure showers). Fast free WiFi is available in all rooms and throughout the hotel. However the air-conditioning is weak and doesn’t fully cool the room, and the bathroom lacks a deep clean every so often (limescale on shower glass) – our only negatives. The hotel has a elevator from basement to top floor, although…Continue Reading
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Pita is a Greek restaurant (ranked #3 out of 251 restaurants in Nha Trang on TripAdvisor) with a simple menu the food is of great quality. I went here with my partner one evening as on occasion I do like the taste of Greek cuisine, Pita delivered! The gyros (meat, fries, tomato, onion, and teatziki sauc, is served and tastes just as it does in Greece. Such a pleasure to be treated to a nostalgic meal. If you like kebabs, meat, pita bread, yoghurt etc YOU MUST EAT HERE! Pita GR Restaurant, 7G3 Hung Vuong, Nha Trang, Vietnam Tel: +84 121 944 8945
We stayed in Da Nang for a 2 nights in Olina Hotel before catching the next 14+ hour train to Nha Trang. The city is spacious with many roads built waiting for properties to be built on them (future fetched), the highly of Da Nang would be the colourful bridges at night. Each night the bridges would illuminate with colourful light displays. We took a quick walk to the beach but did not stay for long as a storm was working its way in. Instead we decided to walk the 3.5km to the city working up an appetite for a coffee and food later that evening. We ate at a busy BBQ place called Quan Com Hue Ngon. You can rack up a large bill of small but delicious entries to cook on your very own BBQ, some interesting flavours, but sadly small portions. We got the train from Da…Continue Reading
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Olina Hotel (ranked #13 out of 201 hotels in Danang on TripAdvisor) is a budget hotel, after checking reviews for all hotels within our price range this hotel yields less problems. The hotel is noisy by other guests and outside construction. The rooms are large with simple mini bar old CRT television and tiled bathroom. They look tired and would benefit painting, the desk is MDF and has water ring marks which is common for this type of wood. The sheets felt clean but still have stains on them, they need bleaching or replacing – this did not bother us much as we have a silk liner that we sleep within. There are no sheet covers except thick blankets in the wardrobe (which we decided not to use). Hot water is mostly available but will completely stop when the main tank is empty. Like most Vietnam hotels the shower is…Continue Reading
We visited Quán Cơm Huế Ngon (ranked #9 out of 200 restaurants on TripAdvisor) on a Friday night and luckily got a table. Very busy with locals no other westerners to be seen. The menu choice is extensive. We chose items familiar to us, chicken, prawns, beef, and pork. The portions are relatively small so many plates will need to be ordered to feel full enough (the chicken is just a wing chopped into 4 parts for 39,000 dong). Can see it easily mounting up in cost. The place was packed out and there is only 4 staff to host the 20+ tables, it was difficult at times to get waiters attention. Food is brought out to you, and you have to cook it yourself. The BBQ’s are charcoal so you get a real good char on your food. The dishes are marinaded before being brought to you giving a…Continue Reading
Prince Hotel (ranked #39 out of 110 B&B’s in Hoi An on TripAdvisor) is a fresh hotel 1km away from the city centre of Hội An. The hotel has a small swimming pool, bicycle rental and is located in a quiet area of Hội An. The staff are friendly and always willing to help guests with plans, they do ask a lot about your onward travel plans to see if they are able to help and book travel tickets. Breakfast is À la carte giving a few choices of food and drinks, it is consistent and served with fresh banana, and hot green tea. – try the ‘healthy breakfast’. The rooms are a modern spacious design with frosted glass shower and toilet rooms – saves wasting space on walls. The bed is soft, air conditioning is powerful and TV has great reception. We did have to change rooms once because…Continue Reading
Namaste – Omar’s Indian Restaurant (rated #5 out of 412 restaurants in Hoi An on TripAdvisor) that serves a good selection of dishes from all over India. We walked in around 6pm and the place was empty, (but not for long) by time we ordered more customers were seated. The place was completely full within an hour and customers had to be turned away, there is a reason for this. We ordered Vegetable Samosa and Chicken Tikka Pieces for a starter, and a Chicken Tikka Masala for our main. Every dish delivered true flavours and spice which completely complements Hoi An’s food quality. As this place will get busy for the food is irresistible, be sure to arrive early to avoid disappointment. Since visiting, Namaste has moved to a new property 1.2km along Trần Hưng Đạo from the last location. I am without doubt the owners will continue to deliver quality…Continue Reading
Hoi An is recognised for the UNESCO heritage site Hội An Ancient Town. The ancient city is a designated area where most the properties are well maintained and occupied by trade.  Many cloths shops, restaurants, souvenir stores and travel agents. Amongst this are a few museums and attractions. I was expecting the ancient city to look and feel really old, with beautiful detail and architecture, instead I was greeted with the same stores as outside the heritage site, just items selling at higher the price. The local authority have preserved the area well ensuring a constant common theme throughout and minimising trade owners from employing unsightly signage. Many shops, and street vendors would insist you buy or uptake services – even the regulatory state seems to want a piece of your money. Select high traffic routes would have a tourist point where one could buy a ticket of admission to attractions around…Continue Reading
Trip Nguyen Restaurant Cafe (ranked #123 out of 412 restaurants on TripAdvisor) serves many Vietnamese dishes We walked into this place on a whim as we seen many other travellers eating and drinking there. Ordering a few plates for lunch we ordered White Rose, Cao Lầu, and Chicken Rice – all Hoi An’s specialities. This quick introduction into Hoi An’s flavours that are delivered very cheaply. The flavours and portions are very good instantly making me fall in love with Hoi An food. I would recommend checking this place out for the cheap local dishes, food is prepared well and for 2 or more people is a great way to trial the local specialities. Trip Nguyen, 736 Hai Bà Trưng, Minh An, tp. Hội An Quảng Nam, Vietnam‎ Tel: +84 91 769 31 52 Email: [email protected]
Hola Taco is a Mexican restaurant (ranked 38 out of 412 restaurants on Hoi An on TripAdvisor ) We could not be more satisfied with the food, service and price.  The music and atmosphere is really relaxing, staff are friendly and food is just damn awesome! We tried the Chicken Taco, Pork Taco Guacamole with baked nachos and BBQ wings. Every flavour carefully balanced and subtly spiced. It’s rare for restaurants to serve cider so to see Magners on the menu it was hard not to have a drink. It is so nice, we ate here twice! Hola Taco, 5 Phan Châu Trinh, Minh An, tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam Tel:  +84 91 296 11 69
After checking our Lonely Planet book and TripAdvisor we decided to eat at the Little Menu Restaurant (rated #11 out of 412 restaurants in Hoi An on TripAdvisor) for our first night in Hoi an. This place has a simple menu with an array of dishes ranging in price. There specials are written up on chalk boards, but they are only rotated seasonally instead of daily or weekly. We chose Rolls tasting platter, Chicken in banana leaf “special” and Banana Blossom salad with grilled chicken. The textures in the dishes are great, flavouring is ok. Only slight off part to our dishes were the sweet and sour dip’s that were more on the fish source side. I really liked the banana leaf chicken and the white rose rolls. Overall, the service if great, food is good and atmosphere is pleasant. The Little Menu Restaurant, 12 Le Loi Str., Hoi An, Vietnam…Continue Reading
Than Thien Hotel – Friendly Hotel (ranked #14 out of 110 Hotels in Hue on TripAdvisor) is a hotel in a great location allowing quiet getaway while still being in the City region. Pros: Spacious rooms Rooms have windows Staff are friendly Good quiet location Great breakfast selection Huge Window with view Cons: Air-conditioning units may fail. Rooms are spacious with a quality bathroom that has a glass separator for the shower. Breakfast has a great buffet selection, with fresh fruit, fruit juices, cooked to order eggs, fried rice, bacon, toast, banana pancakes and much more. The air-conditioning unit failed on the second night and no compensation was offered for the loss of sleep. Would stay again. Than Thien Hotel – Friendly Hotel, 10 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Hue, Vietnam Tel: +84 543 834 666 Email: [email protected] Website: www.thanthienhotel.com.vn
The adventure outside of Vietnam’s capital begins with Hue, 14 hour day train took us from Hanoi to Huế and arrived in the evening after dark (20:20 PM). Maylin taxi (the green cars, heard to be the most reliable and honest) to deliver us to Than Thien Hotel. Exhausted from sitting on a train all day, we needed a filling meal before we can take Doxycycline (an anantimalarial antibiotic) – the antibiotic is rejected from the body if consumed on a empty stomach. Walking around the ‘touristy’ area of Huế we got bombarded with rickshaw riders wanting us to uptake there services, cannabis dealers making the international spiff to mouth gesture (we all understand what it means). Ideally something that is not desired when you just want to relax. We finally decided on a cheap simple restaurant and had fried Noodles – a very basic meal. We did not stay out too late…Continue Reading
Zucca is a Italian, Vietnamese Restaurant (ranked #17 out of 165 restaurants on TripAdvisor). We did not try any Italian food instead trying the grilled selection, and was pleasantly impressed. We had grilled chicken lemon grass skewers that are wonderfully seasoned and prepared with fresh ingredients, seasoned beans, and noodles. You have to eat here. Zucca, 3 Đội Cung, tp. Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế Tel: +84 122 242 7375  
We booked a soft seat train from Hanoi to Hué.  There is only one soft seat carriage for the entire train, the rest are hard seats or sleeper carriages. In the soft sleeper 2 televisions play movies, food programmes, music, document about the rail line and a prank show. Sometimes the programmes are really long and boring and there is no escape as it is amplified though the carriage P.A. system. Our seats had a table (4 seats facing each other) the passenger facing us had a huge box (which took all the legroom) and some box with some unknown but live creature within – printed on the side, “900 压缩干粮”. Some lady brought a entire picnic to prepare herself a fresh baguette. She taken a good 20-30 minutes carefully building her sandwich. Kudos to her, it looked really good. But I did wonder why she went yo such the…Continue Reading
Hanoi is the current capital of Vietnam and the second largest city in Vietnam with an estimated population of over 2.6 million residents. Hanoi is a popular city for tourists traveling to Sapa or Halong Bay, many tour operators and hotels will insist you book the tours. The crowded streets make walking a test of the brave as sidewalks are mostly occupied by parked motorbikes. Road traffic although slow closely brushes past you and if there is no space to pass you they will be right behind you beeping horns – quite literally running over you. The city does have traffic lights and zebra crossings but locals do not alway adhere to the rules – you’re not guaranteed the traffic will stop and safe crossing at a zebra crossing. Many cycle rickshaws will grab your attention by ringing a bell, and hail you with the palm down ‘come here’ hand…Continue Reading
The Moose and Roo Pub & Grill (rated #8 out of 926 restaurants on TripAdvisor) is a quality gastropub in the heart of the old quarter in Hanoi. We have visited twice and both times enjoyed the gluttonous food served. This restaurant serves, every good British and Australian dish you’ll miss from home. Beef and Bone Marrow Burgers, Fish and Chips, Pie and Mash, and much more. Both times I ordered the Beef Burger as they serve the best Beef Burger, on-par with burgers served in Manchester U.K. The main meal prices are equal to western prices, 145,000₫ – 500,000₫ but is worth it for a good taste of home – the burger costs 195,000₫ (about £5.65). I would really recommend you visit this restaurant if you’re missing homely food. The Moose and Roo Pub & Grill, 42 Mã Mây, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội Tel: +84 4 3200…Continue Reading
We regularly go to Bò Nướng Xuân Xuân 47 Mã Mây (ranked #46 out of 923 restaurants in Hanoi on TripAdvisor) for a simple cheap evening dinner that we can cook to our own liking.  You get given a BBQ griddle, a heap of meat and vegetables, a lime chilli & salt dipping sauce and can choose to add bread or rice. The BBQ grill’s use smokeless fuel that lasts about 10-15 minutes, we usually have to ask for more fire (at no extra charge). This all costs between 250,000đ and 300,000đ including a drink (less than £8.70). Highly recommended for a good fill of meat. Quán Bò Nướng Xuân Xuân, 47 Mã Mây, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tu Linh Palace Hotel 2 (ranked #8 out of 436 B&B in Hanoi on TripAdvisor) is in a quiet area of Hàng Buồm – great to escape the night activities. You can walk (or run) anywhere within good time. The front of house staff Lilli, Ghang, Thian, and Ming at Tu Linh, every morning will greet with smiles saying “Hello, How are you? Did you sleep well?”. They are seem genuinely are happy to see you and make the stay in Hanoi good, they are very knowledgeable about places to visit and eat. Ghang when on duty would spend most of his time playing video games, Lilli would make efforts to sell tours, and Thian would await guests and greet them with great enthusiasm, and Ming works the night shift with Te Te, He sometimes can be difficult to communicate with, but is a happy guy to chat with. The…Continue Reading
I ordered the latest Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a shoestring book from Amazon.co.uk in hope it would arrive. Little to our despair the estimated delivery time came and gone, I started to worry that the book would not arrive in time for the next section of traveling.Luckily 2 days after the estimated date and 2 days we leave Hanoi, it arrives! Super happy, I now have something to study on the train to Hué on Saturday.