Selling up

We are intending to travel for an extended and unknown duration and have spent the last month selling and packing our personal possessions in preparation for storage.

We sold our Car, and a whole bunch of items on eBay, to build up some useful cash from assets that would otherwise be left gathering dust or rust while we travel.  So far we’ve managed to make nearly £1500.

This week we are moving out of our flat, it is an emotional time. We have been here for 2 and 1/2 years and have gotten used to the area and daily routines. Giving up the flat makes our travel intentions real, we’re committed. We have boxes labeled up with memories and more cloths than we thought we actually had or could use, cleverly we use Easi-Vac Vacuum compression bags and PacSafe Archive Boxes to save on space.  All of our stuff will be stored in my parents attic, saving us the weekly cost of a storage unit (thanks Mum).

It is not long now until we leave on our travels, anxiety is really kicking in now.

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