Travel Insurance

A few weeks we arranged some Travel Insurance and I thought I would share our booking experience.  We initially researched into many other insurers, World Nomads, Alpha Insurance, and Insure And Go, all pitching backpackers cover.  We settled with True Traveller in the end after 2 weeks of reading though policy wording documents for most companies.

True Traveller Policy Wording Document was simple and easy to understand with minimal back-out clauses that contradict other parts of the policy.   At only 28 pages single column standard line spacing makes it a short read.

We dismissed other companies which had very good pitches but difficult policy wording that made us feel uncomfortable in the event we may need to make a claim.

As insurance is such an important part to traveling, we did not just book online. We decided to call the customer services and sales team to get a few questions answered and a gist of the attitude of the company. As we where traveling to Nepal but not trekking we did not know if we had to check “Traveling to Nepal” option or not as this option is mainly for cover to people who intend to trek the Himalayas. The call operator kindly explained this option on the policy and in general we would have had to check it for cover in Nepal or have a voided policy while in Nepal. We managed to get a personal exception added to the policy that ensures our cover but excludes high altitudes in Nepal. The call operator also revealed many scenarios of claimed related to our travel arrangements including our question about the highest claim made at £1.6m.

We eventually chose £5m medical cover which should give us an excessive amount of medical cover in the worst case scenario.

I can not give any information on the entire performance of True Traveller as we yet to make a claim. Let us hope we never have to make a claim.

Some tips I would recommend to you when choosing travel insurance;

  • Do read the policy wording, make sure you’re happy with everything or most things.
  • Do speak with the company, they will clear any questions or make a personal quote.
  • Don’t go with the first company you see.
  • Do your research.

Also on the insurance note, gadget insurance for expensive items you wish to take, most insurance company’s will not cover for anything more than £1500. Luckily your home contents insurance may cover such items. My home insurance Zürich Home Insurance covers species items anywhere in the world. I checked with the company and they confirmed there is no time length limit to travel duration. Note: home insurance will not hover a storage unit, so make sure your contents are in a ‘home’.

I wish you luck with your travel insurance search, make sure you do get insurance. You never know what will happen.

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