CIWEC Clinic Travel Medicine Center

Our guided tour through the southern parts of Nepal was delayed because we had to admit Kim to CIWEC Clinic after she became very ill. It was identified a nasty bacterial infection (likely caused by contaminated food) caused Kim to become very ill, with diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain. This is commonly called Travellers Diarrhoea or Delhi Belly. We suspected their had been some food contamination in a meal at Thakali Kitchen.

CIWEC Clinic staff were friendly and helpful to nursing Kim back to heath, although we checked in early hours of the morning (around 3:30am) there were staff ready to diagnose and treat Kim with very prompt action.  We did not have to wait to be seen at all.

Kim was given Intravenous therapy to replace rehydrated and introduce antibiotics to stabilise Kim’s condition.

After two nights of treatment Kim was well enough to be able to return to our hotel and continue with our tour.

A constant communication with our Travel Insurance ensured the medical bill was paid, (the medical bill was estimated to be over $3000 as suggested by our doctor). We were able to walk out of the clinic without having to pay a penny or forfeit a passport as security.

CIWEC Clinic can be found across the road from the British Embassy:

CIWEC Clinic, British-Indian Embassy Road, Lainchaur, P.O. Box 12895, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel: 977-1-442 4111 977-1-443 5232 977-1-4413163


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