Birthplace of Buddha

We had enough time in the evening to visit the Birth Place of Buddha. As the heat from the day is dissipating the light dimming this felt like the perfect time to visit this place. It was calm, cool and peaceful, even the turtles from the sacred pond came up to meet us. Such a wonderful scriptural place to visit. Views: Bodhi tree and pond at Lumbini by Kyle Welsby Continue Reading

Bodhnath Stupa

This is one of the worlds biggest Buddhist shrines (Ranked #1 of 173 things to do in Kathmandu on Tripadvisor) , it stands 118ft tall with a solid dome. Pigeons, dogs and cows are welcome guests to the shrine, and often given blessings from visitors to the shrine. A beautiful place to have a guide teach you about Buddhism. Continue Reading

Harati Devi Temple

Thursday, We took a good walk across the city to the Harati Devi Temple (A.K.A Monkey Temple) to experience a wonderful landmark standing high just outside of Kathmandu. The views from here were amazing, You can seen the entire City and surrounding Mountains. After walking though the calm streets of Dhalko and Dallu, passing schools where students shout “hello” at us. We arrive at the Swayambhu East Entrance relieved we found it with little reliance on Google Maps. Continue Reading