Mehrangarh Fort

 Mehrangarh Fort is a large towering fort in Jodhpur sitting 400 ft above the city. The view from the fort is spectacular and worth the climb up the hills and stairs. Continue Reading

Amber Fort

We visited Amber Fort in Jaipur (a grand fort kingdom that once held 20,000 residents). This fort is remarkable to walk around, and discover hidden secret rooms. The view around is breathtaking, seeing the wall snaking up and down the hills. There are many annoying pocket vendors trying to sell you stuff you disrupting your enjoyment of the place. As long as you have a good “GO AWAY” face you should have no problem. Continue Reading

Agra Fort

We were given a guided tour around Agra Fort, We learned how this fort was protected by a moat of crocodiles, a valley of tigers and a ramp of boulders and burning oil to stop any attacker attempting to take the fort. Apparently it was never attacked. This breathtaking fort as a wonderful place to walk around and learn the luxuries kings and queens enjoyed. Views: Diwan E Aam by Kyle Welsby Continue Reading