It's wonderful being at home

Where ever you are in the world, home is always where the heart is. My mom puts so much love and attention into our home, it makes it an honour to come home and look after the place while they go on a short holiday. The garden from the back, click to see the PhotoSphere Our pond with foot long fish and a frog in the water fall. Over 10 years of tinkering to get a garden that looks as colourful and delightful as this. Continue Reading

Selling up

We are intending to travel for an extended and unknown duration and have spent the last month selling and packing our personal possessions¬†in preparation for storage. We sold our Car, and a whole bunch of items on eBay, to build up some useful cash from assets that would otherwise be left gathering dust or rust while we travel. So far we’ve managed to make nearly ¬£1500. This week we are moving out of our flat, it is an emotional time. Continue Reading